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Daniel Parker is a Christian, speaker, and coach who has been dedicated to helping people change their lives for over 20 years. 

He believes that personal development is fundamental to success, and he is on a mission to equip people and organizations with the necessary tools to be successful.

Early in life, I found myself filled with

frustration, disappointment, headed nowhere

and ready to give up. Had I given up, I would

have become another statistic, seeing myself

as another victim of my circumstances;

growing up poor and surrounded by


Instead, I woke up one day and decided that

something had to change. I knew I was

destined for more and was not going to let my

past define my future.

I started on a journey that would change my life

forever. It was one of self-improvement,

intentionality, the setting of ambitious goals,

and relentless action. I have transformed my

life from those challenging days, and I am here

to empower you with the tools, strategies, and

inspiration you need to make your own

remarkable success story.

Daniel, NC

He helped me not only envision my end goal but also walk it back to measurable and realistic steps. Of course life gets in the way and sometimes things slip, but Daniel assisted me and staying on track, being consistent and working towards my goals. His mentorship, guidance, and experience helped me in many different areas and helped me take on daily challenges and improve without me even realizing it

Sherri, Fl

I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel to anyone seeking a transformative and impactful mentorship experience. With his guidance, encouragement, and ability to empower others, Daniel has truly made a lasting difference in my life, and I have no doubt that he will continue to inspire and uplift those fortunate enough to work with him.

Nathaniel, VA

With a true heart of a teacher, Daniel is truly passionate about helping people grow and reach their goals in an impactful way. I attended one of his Accountability Small Groups and am grateful I did! Daniel took the time to fully understand who I was and empowered me to not only move towards my goals but to reorient my thinking towards goal setting. I could not recommend Daniel higher. He is an exceptional teacher, mentor, and life coach.




Provides 1:1 or group coaching on helping individuals and teams achieve exceptional levels of performance and success.



Our performance based workshops are designed to help individuals and teams enhance their skills and achieve their goals. We offer customized workshops that are tailored to the unique needs of each client, whether it be communication skills, time management, leadership, goal setting, or any other relevant topic.



Daniel's talks are informative, enjoyable and entertaining. He customizes each talk for his particular audience. He presents a series of great strategies with a combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.


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